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Healthy Vending

At SEQ Vending our healthy vending machines can stock organic, gluten-free and low GI food or drinks.

We work with our customers to identify the type of healthy food and drinks that best suit their requirements. If we do not have a particular brand you want for your vending machine, we will add it to our supplier list.

Our healthy vending machines can stock food or drinks or a combination of food and drinks.

  • Water Please

  • Crank Protein Bar

  • Snaps BBQ

  • Snaps Sour Light and Tangy

  • Snaps Oregano and Thyme

  • Sugar-Free Chocolate

  • Tonik Plant Protein Shake

  • Tonik Protein Shake

  • Gatorade Sugar Free, Orange, Blue bolt, Berry, Grape.

  • Powerade Sugar free, Berry Ice, Mountain Blast.

  • G Active, Mango, Lemon, Berry.

  • Glee Sugar-Free

  • Kombucha

  • Apple and Eve's Orange Juice

  • Apple and Eve's Apple Juice

  • Lipton's Ice Tea

  • Red Bull Sugar-Free

  • Red Bull Zero

  • Monster Ultra Zero

  • V Sugar-Free

  • Nut Bars

  • Oat Slices

  • Muesli Bars

  • JW Tuna and Crackers

  • Mainland Cheese and Crackers

  • Nobby's Salted Nuts

  • Piranha Cashew Multigrain and Soy

  • Jack Links Beef Jerky

  • Shapes BBQ

  • Shapes Pizza

  • Fantastic Noodles Cup/Bowl

  • Urban Eats Spicy Mongolian Ramen Bowl


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