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SEQ Vending has adapted to the latest payment systems, all our machines are fitted with a Pay Way devices for customers that don't carry cash. Our machines are fitted with coin mechanisms and note readers. The machines are also fitted with the Surevend system which safe guards against loss of money when purchased product is not dispensed.

S4000 SEQ Vending Brisbane
S3000 SEQ Vending Brisbane
S5000 SEQ Vending Brisbane

Height: 1830mm
Width: 895mm
Depth: 820mm
Weight: 315kg
Capacity: 298 Items

Height: 1830mm
Width: 760mm
Depth: 820mm
Weight: 285kg
Capacity: 221 Items

Height: 1830mm
Width: 1055mm
Depth: 820mm
Weight: 340kg
Capacity: 345 Items

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